Entry #9

oH Mai GODD"!!

2017-03-17 21:11:42 by greenspartan

SuCCH DELLayyyY!!!!! i AM makesING neeWWWW errRTTT evRyd4YH bUtt i am RelLtgyy slooWeDDD dAWn vby HoMWWOrKK


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2017-03-17 21:57:38

How old are you really?

greenspartan responds:

I'm actually 13, But I'm trying to impersonate the average cancerous 11 year old
by making these posts with incorrect grammar and horrible spelling. So yeah, that's the only thing
making me want to do these.


2017-04-24 20:19:50

Lmfao. All your art and posts make me laugh dude. XD
Hey, I'll add you on Steam. I forgot to a while back. Look for a friend request from the same username as I have here.

greenspartan responds:

Alright sure lol